The bootcut is back and we are here for it.

Tapered at the thighs and slightly widened at the knees, this style is perfect to show off those new booties you've just purchased! The bootcut gives off a polished look and a more thought-through style than the regular skinny jeans. As its name suggests, the bootcut jeans was designed to be worn with booties. Needless to say that you can pair them with nice heels or even your new white sneakers!

How to rock the bootcut jeans

Not sure if this type of pant will suit you? Let us put your mind at ease. If you have long legs, the bootcut is the ideal jean cut for you. Its shape celebrates length! That being said, they are in inclusive cut. For shorter women, they will balance out your silhouette. Simply pair your new jeans to your favorite heels or high heel booties and you are good to go!

For a feminine look, we suggest that you tuck-in a bohemian style blouse into the bootcut jeans. For a more modern look, pair with a basic t-shirt or knotted blouse. Go wearability!

The ERIKA bootcut jeans

Ideal for your daily activities and even night extravaganzas, we suggest that you try out our new bootcut model (available in two colors!), the ERIKA! Let us see you rock that cool off-duty look!

Eliane Wlasichuk